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What is Code minifier?

Minification (minify / compress / ) is the process of compression code from the original size to the smallest size and does not affect to the operation of the code. The process will removes or modifies some unnecessary characters from the code. Removes characters as white space, new line, comment out code… modifies as HEX color, defined variable to minified character… Finally, all the code will on one line.

Minification process can reduce 10% – 95% the size of code! This will help the website running faster and then get high Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score. This’s also a way to save resources on web server, of course!

About Developer

I'm Sharan. I like to break Securities rather than hearts. Expert in Digital Marketing and Cyber Security, Certifed from Google on Google Analytics and Digital marketing.

I alwayas love to create useful web tools, with utmost security.